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In December 2013 Rebekah Stokes was coward punched. Rebekah was lucky to survive this violent attack by an unknown man. This one punch has caused injuries that have been life changing and traumatic to Rebekah and those close to her. Rebekah’s journey has been arduous however through all of the challenges she has faced and continues to face, Rebekah lifts herself above the violence that has changed her life.

Rebekah, with the support of Trent Hole, owner of CrossFit Coorparoo, created Lifting Above Violence to support the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation and to spread awareness within the fitness community that violence in our society needs to stop.

Lifting Above Violence started in 2014 as a small lifting competition hosted and run by CrossFit Coorparoo. In 2016 Matt Boyce, head coach at CrossFit Coorparoo turned Lifting Above Violence into an amazing CrossFit Competition. 2017 will see Lifting Above Violence grow from a single event to an exciting campaign with amazing supporters including the NRL, Gold Coast Titans and Brisbane Broncos lifting their hands to show support.

As a community, we can all lift together against this violence!

On behalf of the CrossFit Coorparoo community thank you to everyone who has shown interest in this campaign. This event would not be possible without the very hard work of CrossFit Coorparoo’s, Trent Hole and their Head Coach Matt Boyce. We look forward to supporting The Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation by raising awareness through Lifting Above Violence events. More LAV news to come.

Please take a few minutes to read Rebekah's story and be sure to get behind this Campaign.

The Rebekah Stokes Story

In December 2013 - four days before Christmas, I became the victim of a cowardly act that was committed by a man. With one unprovoked punch to the back of my head, my whole life changed that night, I was admitted to hospital with a traumatic brain injury. It has been over 3 years and I am still coming to terms with the impact of this event. Nothing will ever be the same again.

My Facebook page, ‘Stop the Coward Punch’ was created because I wanted to add my voice to the conversation. Until it happened to me, I didn’t understand the full impact of alcohol in relation to violence or how precious life really is. As a victim and an ambassador for the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation, I want to bring to light the issues that surround this senseless violence.

Campaign Mission

To raise and lift awareness in relation to violence and the relationship with alcohol by “competing together”, “sticking together” and “learning together”

2017 Goals

Meet the Team

Trent Hole

Trent Hole

Trent Hole is the affiliate owner of CrossFit Coorparoo. He established the fitness community 7.5 years ago originally as an outdoor group fitness and then a strength and condition gym before affiliating with CrossFit.

Trent has a strong focus on building a supportive all inclusive fitness community, as well as supporting the need for changes to create a safer community.

Matt Boyce

Matt Boyce

In his role as head coach at CrossFit Coorparoo and owner at City Cave Float Centre Matt Boyce is able to help many people live a happier healthier life. Developing strong connections and improving his clients wellbeing is what drives him day in day out.

Lifting Above violence is something very near and dear to Matt and he is excited to be able to grow it year in year out with a fantastic team of equally driven individuals.

Rebekah Stokes

Rebekah Stokes

As per her story, Rebekah is wanting to bring to light the issues that surround this senseless violence and spread awareness that together we can lift above the challenges that violence brings to our community.

Anne Stokes

Anne Stokes

Anne has dealt with the horrible impact that one punch can have on a family first hand, after her daughter Rebekah was hit.

Anne does an amazing job running the 'Stop the Coward Punch' Facebook community page and believes 'Lifting Above Violence' is a new and positive way to spread awareness.

Anne Stokes

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